Fires (Pty) Ltd - Trusted Combustion Solutions

FIRES (PTY) LTD serves to provide an unique independent combustion support experience devoted to supporting the end user with a rapid, efficient and customised response.

Our aim is to work alongside our end user partner to:

Reduce Production Costs

Lower fuel consumption * Improve product quality * Flexibility to operate with lower cost fuels

Long-term Improved Performance

Robust designs and long service life * Greater process up time * Reduced refractory damage * Increased process stability

Active Support

High quality remote and onsite technical response * frequent monitoring after start-up * Regular on-going contact with operations * Rapid provision of OEM Spare Parts

Specialist Combustion Technology: 

Our experienced Technology team, comprising of individuals with decades of combined experience is able to optimise:

Emissions performance * NOx, CO, particulates * Flame stability * Flame heat flux profile * Combustion air flow.


Fired Heaters * Flare Systems * Thermal Oxidisers * Boilers * FGR and Fuel Handeling Systems.

Specialist Suppliers of:

Surveys – Inspections and troubleshooting * CFD Combustion and Cold Flow Modelling * Plume Modelling.


Pre-shutdown Inspections * Online Support and Optimisation * Full Equipment Surveys * Troubleshooting Inspections * Installation Advice and Support * Onsite Training of Operational, Maintenance and Engineering Personnel